Do Good Club - Inleiding

Als alles mogelijk is, dan zijn er misschien meerdere dimensies, waarin alternatieve versies van ons leven. Is alles energie en communiceert alles met elkaar. Kunnen dromen echt uitkomen en bestaat toeval niet. Zijn reïncarnaties en magie heel gewoon. Is alles met elkaar verbonden.


And so this story began


In a land far far away, so far away that even it wasn’t to find on any map. There lives a father with his daughter both possessed with black magic. Everything they do ends up in a disaster. Not only for their surroundings, but mostly also for them selves. The beloved wife and mother of those two died after giving birth to the daughter. This mother had a heart of gold and her magic was pure love. In the years before their daughter was born they lived in prosperity. But after she died the father of the girl was so negative that only black magic surrounded him. The daughter had a choice to go for the good of evil part in her, but growing up with a father so grieving and angry, she chose unconsciously for black magic.


The mother, now in heaven, looked upon them from above and here hart was full of pity. After a few years when there was still no progress for the good she made a plan. She splitted her soul up in 8 pieces and threw them on earth where the 8 pieces reincarnated into 8 lovely babies. Each baby grew up as a lovely girl, with happiness, luck and prosperity. When they grew older they also evolved some extra handy oddities. They learned to handle these oddities and while doing that they created jobs or businesses for them self’s where they could use these oddities while nobody could catch them. The girls became best friends and while their where doing an awful lot of good they had a new idea. So that’s when they started their own ‘Do Good Club’.


Each time on New Year eve they come together to celebrate New Year and start a new edition of the ‘Do Good Club’. Every edition last one year and everybody can give input on the topic. Everyone wrote a paper with a topic and 12 sub topics. So you know at what you’re saying yes or no to. This story begins in the Netherlands, so that’s why we’re now going over into Dutch.