The Heroic Imagination Project (HIP) is inspired by the Heroic Imagination in each of us, HIP designs innovative strategies by combining psychological research, intervention education and social activism to create everyday heroes equipped to solve local and global problems. They believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. They believe that most of the heroes in the world are everyday people, just like you.


Heroes are not born - they're trained. The Hero Round Table often called the TED Talks of heroism, they teaches people how to be more than a bystander. From their humble beginnings in Michigan to their global series on three continents and counting, they've already seen attendees go on to do amazing things. Most importantly, the Hero Round Table has created a worldwide community dedicated to practicing heroism. They have spurred academic research on what makes people do heroic things, and they help regular people act on what they've learned.


Leuke Nederlandse blog; ik red de wereld. Dit blog bevat informatie over heldendaden. Besmettingsrisico: 'hoog'. Bijwerkingen heldenvirus: grote aantrekkingskracht tot nauwsluitende pakken en een onverklaarbare behoefte wildvreemde mensen te helpen. Bezoek op eigen risico.